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Oh how I love Frankfort, MI

Oh how I love Frankfort, MI

I live in South Lyon but I consider my home away from home in Frankfort Michigan, My Great Great Grandmother moved here 100 years ago this summer! Her family purchased Three Pines Inn, A resort on the west side of Crystal Lake in a little area called Crystalia.  They ran a resort called, Three Pines. 


Frankfort, MI

South Lyon Photographer Dance Pictures

South Lyon Photographer Dance Pictures

With busy schedules you may not be able to get in the the scheduled dance studio, set, day, and time for pictures! No Problem I have you covered! Come to my studio and have a personal session! 

Prom Photoshoot South Lyon, MI

Prom Photoshoot South Lyon, MI

These to became an official couple two years ago on Prom night and what a better way then to have a professional photoshoot to mark their anniversary!  Prom South Lyon Photography

South Lyon area Preschool Portraits

South Lyon area Preschool Portraits

Something new for 2017!

I am offering Preschools in and around the South Lyon area a chance to hold a free session.

I take pictures of all the students, infants on up to school age, individual portraits along with sibling group shots.

I will then upload the edited images to an online gallery and the school will email the gallery link to all the parents.

You will be able to view, share, purchase the image rights, and order prints and products.

South Lyon Hotel’s demolish and rebuild Photography

South Lyon Hotel’s demolish and rebuild Photography

This past spring, June 2016, The South Lyon Hotel caught fire, the fire was so strong and the building was so old, and full of wood it completely destroyed the whole upper level…. and because of it, the main level had horrible water, and soot damage. Causing the building to be un salvageable. As far as using the existing foundation, The South Lyon Hotel owners decided it was best to level and build from ground on up.

The South Lyon hotel was built in 1867.  The Hotel was a landmark for the South Lyon community as well as for the out of town-ers.


News report from Aug 23, 2016

Facebook page update from October 10th “Hey friends, just wanted to let you know that demo will begin at the end of this week, or the beginning of next. The appropriate steps are being taken with the city, and we want to get started soon so that we can try to get walls and a roof of the new structure up before winter. Katie Wind Photography will be documenting the process, so keep checking in with our Facebook page for pics and updates. Thanks again for all of your support!”

Recent News October 17, 2016



South Lyon Hotel Photography

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A note From Corry published on the Hotels Facebook page

"So, I've been avoiding sharing my thoughts and feelings on the matter thus far. I know that there is no way to possibly comment on everyone's posts individually, although I wish I could. I've finally gotten a few hours of sleep, so here it goes...

First and foremost, I don't have the words to express my gratitude for everyone's
 kind words, prayers, and offers of help. Similarly, I don't have the words to 
express how much this community has meant to me over the years. I've had a hard time 
reading all of your posts without being reduced to tears. I've been blessed to
 work under Paul Baker for a while, and Chris and Cathy have been absolutely
 great to me for all of these years. Almost 15 now - I started in 2001. I have 
so many memories to share, so many that to do so I feel that need to write a book,
 because it will take at least a book to scratch the surface of expressing what
the Hotel has meant to my life.

Here's the thing - emotions aside, sometimes life is a bitch. Sometimes, life
 ("life", that is, call it God, karma, whatever) throws you a curve ball.
 You can choose to watch it go by and take the strike, or you can choose to
smash it out of the park. We've all (friends, family, staff, community) been 
together for a long time. You know what's gonna happen here. The South Lyon Hotel
 will be back, bigger and better. I've commonly compared the Hotel to the island
 on that show "Lost". It's not just a building - it's almost like the Hotel is a 
living, breathing entity, that does its own thing. And it's moody! Treat it with
 love and respect, and it takes care of you. Treat it with a shitty attitude, and
 you will be miserable all the time. Say what you want here - I'm not trying to
 convince anyone - these are just my thoughts. So, here we go - said entity goes
 through changes and metamorphoses, just like many creatures, just like the Earth.
 So here is the current deal - a fire. It's not the first, and probably won't be
 the last. The Hotel is not going anywhere, it will merely adjust to the new
 situation. We will straighten out the insurance and whatnot, and it will be
 transformed into something better, just as all living things do to survive
 and thrive. Just my thoughts...

Regarding the immediate future...

At this time, we are taking the appropriate steps with the appropriate legal
entities to determine the best path for the Hotel's future. Needless to say,
 one way or another, we will bounce back. Words cannot express our gratitude
 for the numerous kind words and support that we have received from our amazing 
community. Several groups and individuals have offered assistance in the way of 
fundraising for rebuilding the Hotel, as well as for our deserving staff. While
 we greatly appreciate these efforts, we would like to focus our attention on
 determining the best path with our insurance matters. At some point in the future,
 when we feel it is the right time to begin fund raising efforts, we look forward 
to involving all of our friends and neighbors in our wonderful community.

To the South Lyon Hotel Staff... 
I cannot tell you how blessed I've been over the years. I've been with some of 
you for over a decade. You truly are part of my family. We've shared good times,
 bad times, stories, food, drinks, and essentially, our lives. This is especially
 difficult now because we were really kicking ass. Whatever it is about our group
 - Matt, Kamil, Ashley, everyone - it just works. We've had our issues, but we
 always get through them. Look, alI can say is this - we'll be back. Chris & Cathy
 & I have talked about this - It is our hope that our "family members" will utilize
their talents to satisfy their financial needs during this troubled time. As soon 
as we are able bring our team back aboard the ship, we will do so. To anyone that
 may have employment opportunities for our staff, please send an email to our 
website so we can forward the information to our team.

While I obviously will not be around 3 or 4 nights a week to hang out and have 
drinks with you all for a while, I will find a time and place for that soon. I 
will temporarily miss you all for now, and I love you, South Lyon Hotel extended
 family.-Corry "